Apparatus: Median 1 Ceiling Mount

Born from playful experimentation with vintage lighting components, APPARATUS is a collection of fixtures created by designer Gabriel Hendifar and partner Jeremy Anderson. Aged brass, frosted glass, and found objects are assembled by hand to create eclectic, utilitarian pieces. The result is a warm glow that is at once time-worn and thoroughly modern, with inspiration ranging from the kinetic sculpture of Arthur Ganson to the high wire acts of aerialist Philippe Petit.

Act III presents a collection in which, for the first time, creative director Gabriel Hendifar mines his personal cultural history to inform the Studio’s newest work. This new Persian inspired collection is an attempt to create a tangible connection to a place suspended in time, while also imagining it as a futurist fantasy. Semi-precious stone fixtures are inspired by the details of statues at Persepolis. Alabaster and fluted brass lighting references Berber jewelry while pushing it through a modernist lens.

Alabaster stone with aged brass detail.

Offered at the following dimensions:

11″ Diameter / $2600

14″ Diameter / $3000

16″ Diameter / $3400

20″ Diameter / $3800

Add 30% for tarnished silver.

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Lead Time

8 – 10 weeks

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.