June 27, 2016

Apparatus: Circuit Series

NEW FOR 2016! With the repetition of pure shapes, the Circuit Series like a great party creates a palpable rhythm. A glowing glass capsule nests in a brass shade, becoming a contained form that multiplies to construct larger fixtures. These graphic, hypnotic, suspended pieces dance in multiple stacked and alternating formations feeling at once from the future and the past. With the Circuit Series, Apparatus Studios once again provides an electric beat that raises the temperature and quickens the pulse! As the Bay Area’s only Apparatus resource, we are more than pleased to assist with any inquiries on this exciting line!

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Neo Preen
July 12, 2017
Italian made is synonymous with an unmatched sense of design and style - these are the tastemakers, the influencers where a wealthy artisanal foundation has been passed from generation to generation. One cannot help but think of legends, Armani, Ferrari,...
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Spotlight: Daikon
July 12, 2017
People are naturally attracted to light ... and JayJeffers - The Store is drawn to the attractive lighting of Daikon. What start as 24 foot long square tubes of steel, become modern, minimal masterpieces that exalt the powerful and persuasive...
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The Pacific
November 22, 2016
Jay Jeffers - The Pacific from Hunter Boucher on Vimeo.
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