July 12, 2017

Neo Preen

Italian made is synonymous with an unmatched sense of design and style – these are the tastemakers, the influencers where a wealthy artisanal foundation has been passed from generation to generation. One cannot help but think of legends, Armani, Ferrari, Versace – in time Neo will be spoken in the same breath.

Founded in Rome in 2007, Neo is the brainchild of Rosanna Contadini a former ceramicist whose serendipitous search for new materials at a hardware store led to finding neoprene yarn. Contadini breathed new life into Neoprene’s former utilitarian existence as laptop sleeves, orthopedic braces and wet-suits. She catapulted neoprene to Neo, a sophisticated style shop that turns everyday into exclusive, stylish soon to be icons. Neo products are a check list of major selling points. It is easy to care for and made to last. It is resistant yet soft and sensual, lightweight yet robust in color. While using traditional techniques of knitting, crocheting and looms the results are modern yet timeless.

JayJeffers- The Store is excited to share these showstoppers. Stop in soon… our last shipment barely left the box.

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