November 18, 2014

BURNING MAN: Art on Fire

Cavalier was thrilled to be the first venue to host a book signing for Jennifer Raiser’s Burning Man: Art on Fire (Race Point Publishing). Last Weds night with delicious food and specialty cocktails by Stag Dining, a troupe of belly dancers, and no shortage of flamboyant costumes, the Burning Man “Playa” made its way to the #Trendyloin in full effect. Jennifer, in a gorgeous silver McQueen, took center stage and signed the books for a continuous two hour window. Even when the bumping music blew our amplifier (typically the kiss of death at any party) the exhilarating conversation took over and the party never missed a beat. At the close of the event, 50 guests guided by dancers (and lured by the pumping bass) boarded the famed “Kazbus” for a tour of the #Trendyloin and a final toast to the author. With a full house that night, we completely sold out of books, but not to worry there are more copies on their way just in time for the holiday season. Pre-order your signed copy today by emailing us at

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