Eclectic Entertaining
The Jay Jeffers Collection for Arteriors features an eclectic mix of entertaining accessories. From diminutive drinks tables to cocktail shakers, ice buckets, serving trays and more, the Jay Jeffers Collection reflects Jeffers’ signature style and is designed to add a sophisticated and elevated touch to the home.
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I envision that people will use this collection to create versatile, sophisticated environments. Whether you’re hosting a fantastic cocktail party or looking to style your living space for a casual get together, the objects in the collection are beautiful and functional.   - Jay Jeffers
Daikon lights are made to uniquely illuminate multiple spaces. Ranging in character from strikingly minimal to quite complex, their lights uniquely dialogue with space. At Daikon Studio, objects of illumination are created that express a richness and warmth. Their designs nod to tradition and push on the edges of what a light can and should be.
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I design and build objects of illumination that express a richness and warmth. My designs nod to tradition and push on the edges of what a light can and should be. - Austin
Naughty by Nature
Self-taught Amanda Wright certainly knows her way around a potter’s wheel. Originally from La Jolla, Wright earned her degree in fashion design at FIT in New York. She had a successful career as a costume designer for FOX Network, and worked as a stylist on multiple music videos and indie films. She moved back to Southern California where she met her husband and started a beautiful family. The Wright’s moved to the quiet and serene Napa Valley, where she discovered her gift for pottery while sitting in on her children's pottery class. She purchased a wheel and kiln and was selling out of her home until store proprietor, Michael Purdy, discovered her. JayJeffers - The Store is proud to present Amanda Wright’s first collection Servitude. The collection is unique, luxurious, and sensuous. Next up this Spring, a signature line of outdoor garden stools.
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Contemporary. Comfortable. Craftsmanship.
Founded in 2011, AKMD developed out of a thirteen-year friendship and design collaboration between Ayush Kasliwal and Mike Dreeben. Both Kasliwal and Dreeben are makers and their design approach begins with a deep understanding of the inherent characteristics of material and of production method — allowing process to drive design, rather than the other way around. Everything they offer is meticulously crafted, their pieces are comfortable and relaxed — pieces that you can live with, that will respond positively to use and age by developing a patina that reflects their history in one's home.
I think the process of actually building things informs design in a critical way --  it provides a deep understanding of materials and their properties, and how they can be assembled. - Mike Dreeben
Everything is Illuminated
Born from playful experimentation with vintage lighting components, APPARATUS is a New York based design studio creating lighting, furniture and objects. Aged brass, etched glass, leather, and porcelain are combined to create lighting fixtures that fuse sculptural form with hand-worn materials. The result is a warm glow that is at once timeworn and thoroughly modern.Each individual fixture is assembled by hand in the Apparatus Studio. Raw brass components are meticulously finished to reveal layers of uncommon beauty, achieving the “perfect imperfect”. Co-Founder and Creative Director Gabriel Hendifar has a background in fashion and interior design. He has designed for couture label JMary and was most recently part of the Raquel Allegra creative team. Jeremy Anderson left his career in the public relations industry to oversee Apparatus Studio production and operations. His traveller’s eye and potter’s hands inform his passion for handmade details. This creative pair takes inspiration from shapes, forms and materials, and the fixtures take on these identities through the names they are given: Lariat, Cloud, and Synapse. Undoubtedly, the designer duo has created a collection of lighting that results in a cool, timeworn and modern glow. JayJeffers - The Store is proud to be the exclusive Bay Area representative for Apparatus products. Also featured on our site, check out their newly launched collection of Apparatus Objects for tabletop.
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Raise a Glass!
Using the finest materials, Neptune Glassworks combines hand-made craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies to create timeless designs. With a background in both Engineering and Fine Arts, Uri Davillier began Neptune Glassworks in 2000 with the goal of building a brand that exemplifies thoughtful design and meticulous attention to detail. Trained in glass, ceramics and sculpture, Uri has honed his craft over the last decade and continues to produce both functional designs, as well as sculptural pieces. He has worked and taught in studios across the United States, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. Now based in downtown Los Angeles, Uri has assembled a team of artists, designers, and fabricators to help render his vision. Together they are producing innovative designs that are a reflection of the murky line that has always existed between art and technology. Both organic and highly ordered, Neptune Glassworks' designs seek to challenge the false dichotomies of logic and free-association; masculine and feminine; transparent and opaque; old and new.
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Strong Simplicity
Tom Faulkner makes luxury handmade furniture from the finest natural materials. An award-winning British company, it is known for its beautifully handcrafted tables, chairs, lighting and accessories. Made from metal, stone and wood in a variety of stunning colors and finishes, Tom Faulkner furniture is renowned for its strong architectural lines and simple but distinctive shapes. It has the ability to both blend in and stand out, and to complement either traditional or contemporary interior styles.
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“It’s my belief that simplicity of line and proportions are the cornerstones of all good design." - Tom Faulkner
Bottega Meets Bondage
(wh)ORE HAüS a furniture and design studio based out of a 7000sq ft warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles was founded in 2012 by a model who empowered herself after a breakup by picking up a welding torch. (wh)ORE HAüS offers a range of products from the newly launched bedroom collection to one-of-a-kind and bespoke pieces for residential and commercial spaces.(wh)ORE HAüS is a play on words. The definition of the word "ORE" is: n. A source from which valuable matter (as metal) is extracted. Adding the (wh) infuses the (wh)ORE HAüS brand with a provocative and unapologetic air of femininity.
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