Apparatus: Median Sconce

The translucent alabaster planes of the MEDIAN lighting series by APPARATUS are intersected by a fluted brass form, referencing traditional Middle Eastern jewelry while pushing it through a futurist lens. The stone glows from an LED light source that remains hidden, illuminating the relationship between the solid and the permeable.

Size Options: 4″ Depth/11″ or 14″ Diameter OR 5.5″ Depth/11″ or 14″ Diameter
Finishes to Order (ADD 30% for Tarnished Silver finish)

$2400/ 11″Diameter, 4″Depth

$2800/ 14″ Diameter, 4″ Depth

$2600/ 11″ Diameter, 5.5″ Depth

$3000/ 11″ Diameter, 5.5″ Depth

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Lead Time

8 – 10 weeks

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.