By Jay Jeffers Contributor Vicky Lowery

Available on September 18, 2018

Renowned designer, Jay Jeffers, who is celebrated for his exuberant use of materials and finely crafted pieces that feel collected over time, returns with his second book featuring bespoke modern interiors.

Jeffers presents a striking portfolio of projects that thoroughly depict the designer’s risk taking with unexpected color combinations, bold patterns, and expert blending of custom, contemporary and antique furnishings to create statement spaces that are as exquisite as they are beckoning. Luxurious yet livable, Jay’s captivating designs exude soul alongside playfulness.

Whether it is a bespoke walnut dining table with inlaid bronze that mirrors the California coastline, a powder room featuring giant florals hand-painted on wallpaper turned art, a children’s bunk room of horizontal stripes with ottomans shaped as tree leaves, a shag bedside lamp chained brazenly to a beautifully upholstered paneled wall, a dynamic study outfitted in countless hues of blue to create an artful extension of the underground pool, or a room complete with a floor cushion and mounds of eclectic pillows for casual entertaining at any age, each page spotlights the unique touchpoints that bring to life more than a dozen of Jay’s most remarkable commissions across the country.

Equal parts entertaining and endlessly inspiring, JAY JEFFERS: BE BOLD presents irrefutable proof that dramatic design creates unforgettable style.

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10" x 12"
272 pages
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